Construction Plan 3 IBC - High-Performance System
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Our favorite.

For anyone who wants to easily get started with aquaponics and subsequently produce high yields in a small area.

Illustrated step-by-step construction manual including detailed item list with all sourcing information. 

Aquaculture Section

- Grow-out tank
- Pre-stretch tank (hanging tank)
- Solids filter (Radial Flow Filter with additional fine filter)
- Bio-filter (innovative fixed-bed filter with optimized flow)
- Optional trickling filter
- Dual Drain System
- Air-lift operated
- easily modular expandable
- optional automatic water replenishment

Hydroponics Section

- Media bed (Wicking Bed with optimized inlet)
- Deep Water Culture (with optimized aeration system)

For year-round operation (fish section insulated and heated) up to 750kg of fish/year possible.

For pure summer operation up to 300kg of fish/year possible.

ATTENTION: Purchasing the construction manual entitles implementation of the system for personal use only, and not for sharing the documents with third parties. Each plan is signed and can be uniquely assigned to the buyer. Publication will result in legal consequences.

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