About Us

About Us

Our Mission 

 In light of the global challenges our planet faces today, we are pioneering Aquaponics as a sustainable method for decentralized food production. 

This approach holds promise as a long-term solution to numerous economic, environmental, and societal issues.

Our Team

Mag. Peter Neudecker

Over 17 years of practical experience in operating aquaponics systems. More than 60 implemented designs for large-scale systems in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates. Regularly conducting courses and lectures on the topic of aquaponics.

Andreas Lochmatter

Production of e-learning. Image and sound design. Over 15 years of experience in content generation, video, image, and sound editing.
Andreas has extensive experience in operating private high-performance aquaponic systems.  

Moritz Berkmann

Studies: Environmental and Bio-Resource Management.

Management and operation of the aquaponics system at AndersFarm, as well as involvement in commercial system planning and training.



Security and Safety Managment. 
Paula ensures Law and Order on our Farm. 
She is a specialist in Quality Control of Tomatoes and air-dried fish skin.

Our Aquaponic System

We run our own System in a 200m2 greenhouse.  This enables us to test all new developments before we enroll them to our clients.

Beside new technologies, we are testing different fish species and their  suitability for a profitable production system.

Our system has a max. production capacity of 30.000 kg fish and app. 15.000 salads per year.