A modular plug-and-play system 
to set up your self-sufficient farm in a small garden.

Revolutionize Your Gardening

with Our Complete Plug-and-Play Aquaponics System!


Discover the future of sustainable farming

with our state-of-the-art Plug-and-Play Aquaponics System. Perfectly designed for greenhouse setups, this innovative system combines aquaculture and hydroponics to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that maximizes growth while minimizing effort.

Transform Your Garden Today!

Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a beginner, our Plug-and-Play Aquaponics System makes it easy to cultivate a thriving, self-sufficient farm right in your backyard. 

Experience the power of Aquaponics
Order your Plug-and-Play System today!

Complete Aquaponic Package

Get the complete set, which includes all parts that are perfectly coordinated with each other.
A prooven high-quality system  to get high yields and to gain

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Aquaculture Module

Looking to tailor your aquaponics setup to your specific requirements? Start with our high-end aquaculture module and build your system around it. It’s as simple as connecting the outlet pipe to your hydroponic setup and pumping water back from your hydroponic system to the aquaculture module.

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Extend your system 
with further modules

it's like playing lego.

Combine our aquaculture module with one or more modules for

- module for flowering plants
- module for leavy greens
- module for mushroom cultivation

and use our chicken coop with integrated insect farming to utilize your slaughter waste and convert it to high-quality chicken feed.

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